Feb 13, 2012

Working On Surez

Here is an image I downloaded from the web of Legend Superstar Footballer Louis Suarez. I did a creative colour tint with the existing color profile to achieve this final image. See for yourself

Why does he always keeps his hand behind his head? I wonder.......

Tell me what you think.

Feb 8, 2012

Basking In Sun Rays

This is a sepia tone, Black And White Filtered image with a soft blur in the background.

Image of: Comfort Lamptey.
Final Image:

Before And After

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Feb 1, 2012

New post - Colours

Another beautiful rendition of colour blending art. Your comments are ever welcome. Thank you.

The colour shades around her eyes and skin tone are remarkable. This is what We can do!!!



Unfortunately, this post has to be taken off for refinement. In its stead will be another equally good rendition. Thank you for understanding.