Mar 30, 2012

Three Images - By Kofi Baako (Me)

Today too I present three different types of Images. The first one is what I call the line streaks. The person in the image is a good friend of mine.

This next image is  an emblem for Aiyanna's World. It features a fairy girl sitting on the stalk of a hybrid flower made up of sunflower, orchid and rose.

And this last one will be what you call a wallpaper.


Mar 20, 2012


Today I showcase two BEFORE AND AFTER IMAGES of two separate ladies. Both done with professional care. Its Just Colours you know. Copyright Protected.


Mar 9, 2012

Something for FIRESTONE

I want to present another design to you today. Its a CD cover I made for a friend and musician Firstone. I wanted to keep the vintage feel, with a little touch of metal, (talking about the vault lock). Everything made with Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Extended.